Unattended upgrades: Reboot Required E-mail Notification

I like my systems to automatically apply security updates. Sometimes these require a reboot, but I do not want reboots to happen unattended. This script: Checks daily (every day at 8.

Debian: How to add an external repository to unattended upgrades

In this post, we’ll be using Rspamd as an example. ls /var/lib/apt/lists/ look for repository ending with _InRelease e.g.: rspamd: cat /var/lib/apt/lists/rspamd.com_apt-stable_dists_stretch_InRelease result: [...] Origin: Rspamd Label: Rspamd Codename: stretch Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2017 21:02:14 UTC Architectures: amd64 i386 Components: main Description: Apt repository for rspamd stable builds [.